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With Jenna York

It is on the basis of the concept of reinvention, of realizing the current way wasn’t working and a redirection was needed, that LF3, the LF3 Method, LF3 Rx and LF3 LIVE were born.

In the journey through life, there will always be redirections. It’s never a straight path. Changes are inevitable, whether they are foreseen or unexpected.

Well-versed in the concept of redirection, and subsequent reinvention, is Jenna York.

A competitive swimmer for 17 years, Jenna dreamed of being an olympian. The road seemed clearly laid out; making the Olympic trials in 2008 and earning a swimming scholarship to Purdue University. Until an undiagnosed back injury – untreated for two years – caused struggle, surgery, and, ultimately, surrender.

Wrestling with the identity crisis that often accompanies the ending of a competitive athlete’s career, Jenna had to figure out if swimming was no longer her identity, who was she?

A keen interest in business, marketing, entrepreneurship and a skilled understanding of numbers had Jenna pursue a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Her competitive drive fit in well at the ranks of Deloitte in their Chicago and New York City practices. But the long hours sitting at a desk, and lack of any priority being placed on health and wellness, was negatively affecting her personally. Professionally, she yearned for more. Jenna didn’t want to just run the numbers, she wanted to be involved in the strategy and decisions that positively influenced them. Another redirect was required.

While living in New York City, Jenna was exposed to the exploding popularity of boutique fitness. Bouncing from class to class with friends, she found the social nature surrounding workouts enjoyable but found herself frustrated with the lack of results. It was clear to her; there was a gap in the market that needed to be addressed. Jenna’s strong business acumen paired with her past experiences were the perfect lens to look through to identify what was missing and set a new path forward.

Further expansion to LF3’s service offering was triggered when the global pandemic forced communities to stay home, pushing the entire world online. With Jenna’s leadership and guidance, LF3 Live was deployed within 3-weeks of lockdown, allowing members to maintain the same commitment to quality movement from the comfort of their homes. Since then, LF3 continues to build a growing content library of over 3,000 workouts and growing. Classes include 20-45 minute full body, mobility, body weight, and specific targeted areas geared towards all fitness levels with minimal to no equipment & household substitutions.

“I know people are struggling to find the answer to sustainable health and fitness. They’re stuck in the thought pattern that they have to accept a lifestyle that’s tailored to past injuries and pain thresholds. I want them to know it doesn’t have to be that way. You can reinvent yourself. You can train for life – a life that’s meant to be lived to its fullest. Train for the things you enjoy. Everyone deserves to be resilient in whichever way they want to live.”



With Michael Donnelly

LF3 has built a way to make personalized performance programs accessible to everyone through a proprietary personalized fitness prescription, LF3 Rx.

There’s an unparalleled work ethic that’s established as a high-level athlete; an intensified, unshakeable focus and unwavering commitment to be your best.

There is also so much more access; to information and education, to doctors and specialists, to trainers and nutritionists. An athlete’s job is to have their body in the best possible condition so it can operate at peak performance. They have the best of the best helping them make it happen.

Unfortunately, for the general population, when it comes to understanding health and fitness, many are misguided by myths and misled through misinformation. There simply is too much information out there, but not enough context and understanding. The space that education should occupy is filled by quick fix fitness fads. Quality planning and strategic programming are what’s missing.

Michael Donnelly wants to change that.

Michael has played sports since he could walk. Recruited to play varsity football at the University of Ottawa and then Concordia, he has been incessantly dialed into the athletic mindset. Always seeking further development, Michael continues to work with top industry professionals, applying knowledge gained directly into the ongoing education and advancement of the LF3 team.

Interested in all athletic performance modalities, Michael is looking to consistently improve and evolve both his human potential and that of the people he leads. In an industry that holds so many specializations, Michael has found his stride in building teams that can take elements of these specializations and apply them in a practical, easy-to-understand way for the general population.

At his core, however, what fuels Michael’s passion in the fitness industry is biohacking human performance. When it comes to the complexities of the human body, he knows the way an individual approaches fitness needs to be as unique as they are. It’s a topic far too complex and time-consuming for the average individual to take on; that’s why his focus has shifted to building teams and support systems that can do this for the masses with results that stick.

“Simply buying a membership to any gym isn’t going to solve your health and fitness challenges. You need to have a good plan that has a balanced approach; one that’s tailored to your specific goals and biomechanics. A one size fits all mentality doesn’t make sense. There is a more intelligent way of doing things where you can actually achieve quality sustainable health for a lifetime. This resource is now accessible to everyone.”